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6 Books Gift Set Encyclopedia Collection for Kids on Space Dinosaurs Human Body Earth & World Atlas
Price RM161.46 RM179.40
Product SKU 214707
Brand Encyclopedia
Size (L x W x H) 30 cm x 15 cm x 25 cm
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  1. 6 books packed in Kelip Kelip Fun Box
  2. Bestsellers
  3. Interesting facts
  4. Beautiful illustrations
  5. Friendly and accessible text
  6. Fresh and interactive approach to reference
  7. Each Factivity book contains more than 50 activities
  8. Written by established authors and consultants

1. Encyclopedia of Space

Did you know that our universe is getting bigger? The fascinating facts it contains will guide you on your journey and help you get to know the universe around you.

2. Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs

Did you know that there were dinosaurs living on Earth 160 million years ago? Would you like to find out more about Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and the other giants that once roamed the Earth? Then this is the book for you! The fascinating facts it contains will guide you on your journey into the past and help you decrypt the mysterious world of the dinosaurs.


3.  Factivity: Amazing Human Body

Take a journey inside your body in this awesome Factivity book. Journey Around and Inside Your Amazing Body lets you learn about cells, navigate through a map of the human body, and explore under your skin! Complete activities, puzzles, mazes and more on your exciting journey of discovery.

4.  Factivity: Secrets of Planet Earth

Explore planet earth and discover the forces that have shaped our wonderful planet, including explosive volcanoes, mighty earthquakes and powerful tornadoes. Complete activities, puzzles, mazes and more on an exciting journey of discovery in Discover the Science and Secrets of Planet Earth!

5.  Factivity: Children’s Atlas of the World

Take a trip around the world with this amazing Discovery Kids Factivity book. Atlas: Explore the Wonders of Your World lets you explore great cities, navigate immense oceans, hike through exotic jungles and trek in the highest mountains. Complete on your exciting journey of discovery!

6.  Factivity: Land of Dinosaurs

The first dinosaurs years ago. They ruled the Earth for 165 million years - that's 80 times longer than humans have existed! Would you like to meet one? Take a trip to learn all about these incredible creatures with Factivity Travel Back Through Time to the Land of the Dinosaurs. Complete the activities, puzzles, mazes and more on your exciting journey.

What's in the box
  1. Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs (Hardback)
  2. Encyclopedia of Space (Hardback)
  3. Factivity: Amazing Human Body (Paperback)
  4. Factivity: Secrets of Planet Earth (Paperback)
  5. Factivity: Children’s Atlas of the World (Paperback)
  6. Factivity: Land of Dinosaurs (Paperback)
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